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hen Lauren Daley and Sarah Gahlau met in preschool, their instant, enduring friendship set them on the path to creating a business built around celebrating brides-to-be.

“Growing up, we went to each other’s birthday parties, hosted tea parties together, and even rocked matching bangs and denim jumpers,” Daley says. “Looking back, our childhood was really just a huge sign of what our adult lives would look like — still celebrating every birthday together, our tea parties have now changed to bachelorette parties, and our matching jumpers have escalated to matching pink blazer dresses.”

It was while serving as each other’s maids-of-honor during their 2020 and 2021 weddings that the idea for Daley and Gahlau’s bachelorette party planning service, MI Bachelorette, was born. Through the process of planning destination bachelorette parties for each other, the duo “fell in love with party planning and all the little details that make celebrating a bride-to-be so special,” Gahlau says. “We realized how much planning it takes to successfully execute an Instagramable bachelorette. Packing suitcases full of décor and accessories, then spending hours decorating the Airbnb while trying to pull off the perfect surprise for the bride really got us thinking.”

Since launching the business in July 2022, Daley and Gahlau have planned and decorated parties across the state and shipped their all-in-one party kits, called Bach Boxes, to the most popular bachelorette destinations across the country. Not only do they offer décor, accessories, and itineraries, they’ve also partnered with several women-owned businesses to bring their clients discounts and unique experiences to create core memories for the bride and her guests.

“There’s something so special about planning a once-in-a-lifetime weekend because a girl only gets one bachelorette party,” Daley says. “Curating themes, itineraries and little details that are personalized for the bride-to-be is one of my favorite parts of our job.”

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bridal gift bags that include sunglasses, custom cups with straws, scrunchies, and drink holders